Download RTS TV APK to turn your Android device into a mini TV because they’re a streaming application that hosts movies, dramas, shows, radio, and religious talk. Also, this RTS TV mod apk is the gold mine for sports lovers who want to enjoy cricket, football, swimming, and other events for free. 

Everyone grabs this application to stream their favorite content without any investment. Please take a deep look at its features to make your mind swift.

rts tv apk

RTS TV Apk — Download Pocket TV App

RTS TV – Apk Download file latest version v25 free for Android Devices. Tv App to watch movies and live sports on your phone.

RTS APP System Requirements

Operating System
Required RAM
Downloading Storage 
Android devices, Android TV and Windows
2 to 4 -GB or Higher
64 to 124 GB for download the content
500 MBs
Phone Storage, Location, Gallery

App Details:

Application Name:RTS-TV Apk
App Version:V25.15
Apk Size:22MB
System Requirements:Android 4.3 and above
Last update:2 April 2023

What Exactly is RTS TV APK?

Without a doubt, RTS TV is an indispensable streaming resource that offers an unbelievable range of content on the faces of popular movies, web series, shows, cartoons, and animated shows for kids, religious programs, and news with the most up-to-date information. 

In addition, if you don’t have the money to subscribe to OTT platforms that are trending at the moment. However, you must pay extra if you want to watch the latest movies or shows with high-quality resolutions.

Then, this application fully feels you’re OTT worthy because they grab the content from top OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video Disney+, Hotstar, HBO MX, ESPN+, Hullo, Starz, Sling TV, and Peacock.

Multiple streaming applications do not allow you to download content, such as movies, cartoons, shows, and your favorite videos. And let you only watch content. In this case, you can save any content and watch it later with RTS TV. 

As a result, they’re a perfect streaming application compared with other streaming apps. Nevertheless, they are also famous for the live streaming apk as well as the live sports TV apk. Also, they tend to focus on events of upcoming sports games and live streaming. 

Additionally, you can take part in several sports leagues that are available to you, including the IPL (Indian Premier League), the World Cup Cricket 2023, the T20 World Cup, the Asia Cup, and the World Cup Football. The RTS TV has also been designed with a customizing option that makes it easy to use for everyone.


There are the following features that make RTS TV’s latest version keeps growing in 2023;

High-Quality Resolution 

As you browse the RTS TV program, you can view various movies, cartoons, and other content. I guarantee that content, trending news, and live sports are of high-quality resolution. 

Almost all entertainment content is available in 720p, 1080p, and 1440p video resolutions. When you compare the content provided by RTS TV application with that of other streaming apps.

You’ll get high-resolution content that you can watch online or download for later viewing. Moreover, most live-streaming events, such as sports or news, can also be viewed in HD.

On-Demand Streaming: 

With this feature, users will have access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, as well as other forms of media that will be available to them instantly. They can choose what they wish to watch or listen to at any time. 

This app will give you another core feature that will make it the best collection of features and the highest quality stream without any limitations. A wide variety of features, services, and knowledge available for users today is efficiently accessible from any location and to any user at any time.

No Time Limits:

Some streaming apps impose time limits on downloaded content. After a certain period, the downloaded files may expire and become inaccessible. This ensures that users maintain an active subscription and regularly connect to the internet to verify their account. 

With RTS TV mod, you don’t have a time limit on how long you can download the content. The truth is, no matter how much space you have or your needs, you’re free to download any movie you want without getting a paid subscription.

Content Notifications 

The most crucial features of the RTS streaming apk are the options that allow you to customize the notification settings. Thus, based on what you choose to watch, you will only receive notifications about your favorite content, like live sports or the latest OTT video content.

I believe that you should always take advantage of content notifications so you don’t miss any important updates about your favorite content.

Streaming Up-to-Date

Using RTS TV, you can set up notifications about upcoming sports, news, events, and other live entertainment that you would like to watch. 

Furthermore, this apk is perfect for those who love sports because you will receive streaming content from every cricket league, football league, and other sports as soon as they are available.

Free Favorite Movies and Series

Using the RTS TV app, you can enjoy your favorite movies and web series at any time, no matter where you are. Watch the latest movies, live sports, and web series from the comfort of your own home. 

As far as shows go, you can enjoy shows such as romantic dramas, war dramas, thrillers, action thrillers, crime dramas, animations, biographies, adventures, comedy, dramas, Thrillers, and even documentaries, but not limited to them.

Easy to Explore

There is no doubt that the UI/UX of RTS TV streaming apk is better than other streaming apps because the main content is always displayed at the top of the screen. In the end, RTS apk developers made this design so that easy access would be provided to watch or download any entertainment genres, such as movies, web series, dramas, and live sports updates or news reports, that the developer includes in this design.

As you can see, the application’s interface is almost similar to that of the RTV TV App. There is no need to waste time or energy searching for content because everything that’s needed can be found using these applications in a few seconds.

No Restrictions 

It is only possible for users to use RTS Pro with a subscription or the necessary information to access the app. You will have to face several hurdles. 

Suppose you decide to use the standard version of the app. It is recommended that you get the RTS TV from here to eliminate these types of problems.

Malware Free

Undoubtedly, the RTS TV app is a third-party app not available on the Google Play Store. However, you can still trust it as a dedicated app. 

I say this because it is a 100% legit app without any bugs or malicious code. It is a highly secure app that offers fixed content with Google Play Alerts, and you can contact customer service anytime.

Multiple Device Support: 

RTS TV streaming is available on various platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. There is no restriction on how users can access their accounts and stream content across various devices.

Alternatively, you can visit the RTS website and search for a connection that will allow you to download the app from that point onwards. You should always update your apps to ensure you are getting the latest features and security enhancements on a regular basis.

Ads Free

We often face unlimited ads on different streaming apps while watching content like movies, shows, and other content. The official version of this program contains dozens of ads, and they can ruin all our efforts within a minute of using it. Then you do not need to take a risk; you need to get RTS TV MOD APK fully unlocked, without ads from here. 

Live Channel Support

There is no need to worry that you may not be a movie fan if you use this platform as your live television platform. On the other hand, you can also enjoy your favorite sports from all around the world with the ability to select from as many as 100 live TV channels.

Offline Viewing

The RTS TV app allows users to download content to watch offline compared to other TV streaming apk. This feature has a great benefit for those who do not have access to the internet and wish to watch movies or shows.

How to Download RTS TV MOD For Android?

You can swiftly or efficiently download this RTS TV login by clicking the download button. Nevertheless, if you would like a step-by-step guide for RTS TV download, please see the following tips:

  • As a first step, you must ensure you have enabled installation from unknown sources on your Android device. 
  • Ensure you toggle the switch to enable Unknown Sources under Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. 
  • Search on Google for RTS TV Apk download and open your web browser to get started. 
  • Choose a reliable source if you want to download the Rts Tv file for your Android device. 
  • There is also a link on the official RTS TV website where you can download the latest version of the app. 
  • You can begin downloading by clicking the download button once you have found a reputable source. 
  • If you have successfully downloaded the RTS Tv file, locate it in the Downloads folder of your Android device once the download has been completed and install it. 
  • The installation begins when you tap the file. Installation instructions are on-screen.
  • Your Android device will stream live sports events using the RTS Tv app once installed.

How to Download RTS TV APP For Android TV?

There are the following perfect tips to download the RTS TV app for android TV such as;

  • RTS TV must first be downloaded on an Android phone. 
  • Afterward, you will need to open the Google Play Store on your smart TV and download the Send Files to TV application. 
  • Make sure your smart TV is turned on and open the Send Files to the TV app. 
  • If you have an Android phone, you will also need to download the Send Files to TV app for it to work. 
  • On your Android phone, open the Send Files to TV app and send a file to the smart TV using the RTS TV app in the Send Files to TV app. Please Note: You will need to install the Send Files to the TV app on both your Android phone and your smart TV to be able to use it. 
  • Your smart TV will then receive. You can download RTS TV on your smart TV.

How to Download RTS TV MOD For PC?

You can swiftly download this best streaming application on your PC, follow the steps below;

  • If you have already downloaded an emulator and installed it on your PC, you are ready to go. 
  • As soon as you have installed the emulator, open it up and go to the Google Play Store to download apps. 
  • In the Google Play Store, search for RTS Tv and install it. 
  • It is very simple to download RTS TV on your PC by clicking on the install button.

App Screenshots:

rts tv
rtstv apk
rts tv apk

How to Install RTS TV Streaming APK On Mobile, TV, and PC?

After downloading RTS apk on different platforms like Android mobile, TV, and PC. Now it’s time to install it crucially;

Allow APK Source: There are the following steps to allow devices to install any unknown apk source;

Step 1: Your Android device must enable installation from unknown sources before you can install the RTS TV app. 

Step 2: Firstly, go to the Settings section on your device, then select Security. 

Step 3: You will need to look for “Unknown Sources” in your settings and toggle the switch to enable it.

Start Installing RTS TV Online: Here is the following step to install this RTS pro in all devices after allowing install any unknown apk source;

Step 1: You can find the RTS TV file in your Android device’s Downloads folder. 

Step 2: Start the installation by tapping the APK file.

Step 3:You’ll receive a pop-up asking for permission. Click “Install” to start.

Install RTS TV on Android TV

Step 1: On your smart TV, I hope you have downloaded the RTS TV app so that you can watch it on demand. 

Step 2: The RTS TV file can be downloaded to your smart TV and then clicked on which automatically installs the RTS TV app on your Android TV after you have downloaded it.

Install RTS on PC

Step 1: It is time to open the RTS TV emulator on your PC once you have downloaded it on your computer. 

Step 2: In the emulator, click the button that says “Install APK” to start the installation process. 

Step 3: The next step is to navigate to the location on your computer where you have downloaded RTS TV. 

Step 4: It is necessary to click on the APK file of RTS TV for your PC to install it. 

Step 5:During the installation process, please wait for the process to be complete.

Enjoy RTS TV Mod: After installing the apk, it’s time to launch your RTS mod apk in your devices such as Android mobile, PC, and Android TV;

Step 1: You will be able to find the RTS TV application icon on your device’s home screen or on the app drawer with the completion of the installation process. 

Step 2: To start using the app, simply tap the icon at the bottom to launch it and start watching your favorite sports events and matches.

Benefits or Drawbacks of RTS TV APP

There are the following advantages and drawbacks you ever feel while using RTS TV apk such as;

  • On the RTS TV app, you will not have to pay a fee in order to enjoy premium content.
  • User-friendliness should be a key feature of the interface 
  • Even if the internet connection is slow, this app can still function well.
  • You can watch videos in HD quality with the RTS TV app. 
  • Using and navigating the app is very simple and easy.

Drawbacks of RTS TV mod

  • RTS TV’s app must adhere to Google’s policies.
  • Free premium content should not be too dependent.

Final Takeaway

The RTS TV APK is now available for download on your Android device and is ready for use. Through this platform, you can download it to your Android device in seconds. 

It’s recommended that you download the latest version of the application and then allow it basic permissions first. 

After that, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, live sporting events (cricket), and much more within one package. If you want to download the most recent version of the RTS TV app, you can go to your Android phone’s app store and search for “RTS” in the search bar. 

Please make sure that you’re accessing the most recent adaptation of RTS TV when you find the app and select the “Download” or “Update” button when you see the app.